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A radical new way to grow food


A garden connects people to the land, to the environment, to their community, and to each other. We build self-watering gardens to help you get growing.

A garden connects people to the land, to the environment, to their community, and to each other. We build self-watering gardens to help you get growing.

Vancouver's Urban Garden Builders - LifeSpace Gardens

In 2012 LifeSpace was formed with the vision that...

"One day there will be a garden on every yard, every balcony, every rooftop, and all the most beautiful public spaces. Our food, and those who grow it, will be elevated and valued; communities will come together, culture will grow, and nature will replenish"

An ambitious vision, yes, but necessary. Growing your own food is an adventure, with a beautiful, delicious and sustainable outcome.

The benefits are not just the obvious ones – healthier, tastier, organic & pesticide free food. The real value is in the adventure itself. The experience of cultivating a plant to fruition might just be the fundamental human experience that binds us all together… it certainly is universal across all cultures. The connection one forms with their garden is a direct connection to their environment and community. One could even go as far to say that the energy and appreciation that goes into a homegrown tomato is the energy of love, manifested in physical form. Remember Grandma's tomatoes?

Whatever way you look at it, one thing is certain… we need more gardens, and we need more people growing food.

What stands in the way? Usually it's just water. How much? How often? "Oops I forgot". Game over.

That's why we invented our patented GardenWell self-watering system. Water consumption is reduced by up 80% and watering frequency goes from a daily chore to a simple weekly task. It works, and for the busy urban life, it's ideal. No guess work, just growing.

Gardens are the seed stock for sustainability.

Since launching in 2012 we’ve made strong headway in making our vision a reality. We’ve built over 1000 gardens throughout Vancouver and Victoria – for hundreds of home owners and condo dwellers; for over 50 businesses; and dozens of schools and childcare facilities.

Our installations can be seen at Science World, throughout downtown Victoria via our partnership with FED, and throughout The City of North Vancouver via our partnership with the Lower Lonsdale BIA. Connect people with their food and you connect them with their community.

Now it's time to really get growing.

With Wayblaze we want to extend the growing power of LifeSpace Gardens from coast to coast. We want to help you transform your space, so that you too can cultivate a connection and grow your own food!

LifeSpace Gardens are handcrafted with a dedicated passion. Built from reclaimed and custom milled timber, they’re designed to last longer than it took the wood they’re made from to grow. That’s our approach to sustainability. Almost as importantly, they have a look that says quality, adding authentic style to any balcony or patio.

This is the best deal we’ve ever offered, and we can only do it because we’ll be building a ton of gardens!

Over the past year, we’ve been saving logs from urban construction sites and milling them into the wood that we can use to build a garden for you. The trees were cut down to build homes, and now we are repurposing them to grow gardens.

What are you waiting for? Spring is here - grow big and grow at home!

Thank you for the support and feel free to reach out to us.

Yours Truly,
Team LifeSpace

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