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Block Party in FUNction Junction, Whistler


A self-love community event and association fundraiser with a mission to give back to locals who know what hosting a party is all about!

A self-love community event and association fundraiser with a mission to give back to locals who know what hosting a party is all about!

Function Junction, Whistler...

Help us raise funds to host a block party celebration in Function Junction and to raise money for our newly created Function Junction Association (FJA).  We need to raise $4500 to host the block party. We have also created a stretch goal of another $4500, which we will use to fund other FJA initiatives. Check out:

What was once originally designed to be a light industrial park, Whistler's fringe community, Function Junction, is now an understated bustling commercial and mixed use development that services this four-season Resort Destination through its 150+ businesses, 800+ employees and many more residents.

The rapid growth of the area requires a safe and sustainable development plan for this concentration of locals and a means to collaborate with municipal stakeholders throughout these anticipated changes.

The Function Junction Association (FJA) will give its residents the chance to voice their thoughts and create a collective vision for their community through events like this block party and FJA will provide the resources to give it life.

... And, let's face it, after some years of running on all cylindars to keep the engine of this tourist-minded machine serviced, it's about time we do something for ourselves!  The community is banding together for some self love and preservation of our infamous "mountain town vibe" amid a series of major changes in our resort community.

This campaign will...

  • Promote a sustainable urban development plan through community engagement exercises to guide the Association of Function Junction in achieving its community's safety and accessibility goals
  • Raise funds for Function Junction Association to carry out this work
  • Captivate and cultivate localism, bringing artists and audiences together to celebrate creativity, industry, craft, and community
  • Be supported exclusively by volunteerism and local sponsorship
  • Be made for locals by locals

Details about the block party on Sunday, August 27th...

Schedule of activities:

  • 10am bike decorating in Bayly Park (neighbouring residential development)
  • 11am bike parade led by Roller Derby
  • 11am-5pm Millar Creek FAMILY FUN!
  • 4pm-8pm BBQ at Home Hardware
  • Late night beats and treats in the North End

With the unanimous support of its immediately impacted merchants, FUNction Block Party's main event will be staged on the closed-off streets of Millar Creek Rd - this mixed use commercial district of an eclectic mix of retails merchants, services and activities will enjoy a day full of FUN.

Visitors can expect various activations lining the streets and every business block, animating this section of FJ with:

  • a massive flea market
  • carnival games
  • beer gardens
  • food truck’ stations showcasing local fare
  • DIY stations (e.g. edible gardening, re-use-it creation stations, graffiti art workshops, etc.
  • Each business will have the opportunity to participate in various ways by collaborating and designing their street animation with their neighbours.

A bike decorating station at Bayly Park in neighbouring Cheakamus will be hosted by Mountain Minis Daycare, marking the start of the day's event line-up, and an ensuing bike parade will help influence attendees to leave their cars at home. A map detailing the event activations, biking/ walking routes and parking options will be made available digitally on the website and large signage at the event's gateway.

A comprehensive parking and flagging plan will be in place and guests will be encouraged to ride or walk into Function to help reduce traffic, the carbon imprint AND take advantage of free bike tours & FREE BC transit through all marketing channels.

A "town hall" meeting on July 23rd will be held to foster partnerships, to pool resources of the community and overall event awareness/Q&A.

This is our inaugural year and we are asking a lot of our community already for resourcing volunteers, materials, and additional staff for this extra work in an insanely busy resort destination. Our locals are exhausted and frustrated, and need a little affordable community cheer!

How the funds will be spent...

The $4500 from this campaign will be used to cover the following block party costs:

  • Entertainment
  • Print Advertising
  • Volunteer Appreciation
  • POS hire for ticket sales & cash management
  • Permitting, Insurance & Licensing
  • Flag staff & Beer Garden Security
  • Website Development and Subscription
  • Tables & chairs rental for vendor booths
  • Carnival game rentals
  • DMC Fee

We have created a stretch goal of another $4500. These additional funds will be used to:

Short term:

  • Create/ build our own business directory on private land (TBD)
  • Host a website:
  • Market the area through a rolling full page ad in the Pique News Magazine to advertise promotions, events, projects, holiday messaging - anything!
  • Beautify FJ (eg community garden boxes, murals, temporary pedestrian walkway delineation)

Long Term/ Ongoing:

  • Work with RMOW on implementation of phased sidewalk strategy
  • Advocate for signage: 1) Enhanced HWY signage 2) a business directory/map within FJ
  • Facilitation of reoccurring community engagement events (eg night market, annual Block Party)

WHISTLER was built from a LOCAL VISION and its COMMUNITY is what gives this unique mountain town LIFE. PLEASE HELP US preserve this vision and guide its future.

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