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Help reduce textile waste through free community fix-it events


Frameworq's Community FREE clothing Fix-it events in Vancouver need YOUR support!

Frameworq's Community FREE clothing Fix-it events in Vancouver need YOUR support!

Fix-its are free clothing-repair events where we provide you with the equipment, supplies and guiding expertise. All you have to do is bring something to repair, be ready to roll up your sleeves and learn some mean fixin’ skills.

Once you’re done with your repair - stay and hang out with us or share what you’ve just learned with another participant and become a fixer yourself!

  • We’ll show you basic sewing and repair techniques that you can use at home.
  • You’ll learn how to use a sewing machine in minutes or attach a pesky button in a no time.

If you need a bit more specialized equipment like sergers or rotary knives - we got you covered - just give us a shout and we’ll bring them for you.

We’ve been running Fix-its for over 3 years in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

The Fix its are run by volunteers and all the expenses to cover costs for the supplies, maintenance, promotion and all other expenses related to the events are covered completely out of pocket by the organizers (except few small honorariums we got over the years).

In December of 2017, we did a bit of a soul searching and realized that in 2017 alone we ran 24 Fix it events and engaged with over 500 fixers on a $0 budget.

This was a pivotal moment because it was then that we realized that we can no longer run the Fix-its fuelled by passion alone. This was a make or break moment.

We either cease running the events or completely reinvent the way we’ve been going about the Fix-its. Either way, something had to give.

Passion won.

We decided that we have to completely rethink the way we’ve been going along thus far.

That meant that we had to re-evaluate the purpose and mission, create a full business plan, track the expenses and the many hours it takes to run the Fix its. But mostly, we got to dream big and imagine what we could accomplish with the right resources and a good plan.

The new wave of excitement brought us to reinvent ourselves as Frameworq Fix-it Society, a non profit organization (in registration process) with the mission to overthrow a throwaway culture, bring repair skills back to norm, build resilient communities and divert textile waste from the landfill.

We envision the Fix-its run in many locations all across Vancouver and the lower mainland connecting neighbours and friends by repairing, reusing and sharing skills, time and space.

But funding is difficult and takes time.

That is why we are reaching out to you - the community we’ve been serving for over 3 years - to show us your support and kick us off with an initial funding so we don’t stop the consistency of the monthly Fix its and we can continue growing a strong foundation for a kick-ass repair society.

Dear community, this is the time where we need your support.

With you help we can cover the initial costs for supplies, maintenance and all other expenses related to the Fix its, for a WHOLE YEAR!

That’s 12 Community FREE Fix-it events that can continue running every month at the Mount Pleasant Public Library!

If our first goal is reached, we will set up an additional goal and hopefully raise enough funding to enable another Fix-it location in your neighbourhood.

You can also support us by sharing this campaign, volunteering or just giving us few High Five's next time you see us.

But really, let's get Fixin'!

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