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Help support accessible transportation on the Sunshine Coast


Help 'Getting There Society' support accessible transportation on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

Help 'Getting There Society' support accessible transportation on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

Imagine if....

You were unable to drive due to a freak accident or in a serious car accident with no other family or friends to get you to medical appointments on or off the Coast…

Real Life Story:

“I found myself home from the hospital, wheelchair bound and unable to bear any weight on both my legs for several weeks following a serious car accident. Suddenly, I was totally dependent upon existing transportation services - extremely limited in availability, scope and suitability - to get to physiotherapy appointments and for all my daily living needs”.

- shared by Donna Hobbs, Gibsons resident, Feb 2021

Better Transportation Solutions Needed

An accessible van operated by drivers from Care for Lift (CFAL) and Coastal Rides meant Donna and so many more locals could get safely and easily to their medical appointments on & off the Coast. A reservation could be booked in advance with caring, considerate drivers.

Donna remarked, “Having access to this safe, reliable, compassionate and efficient service made a monumental difference in my quality of life and the recovery process Knowing that my ride would arrive promptly on time, deliver me to my appointment, then directly back home was a huge relief. The fact they followed Ministry of Health guidelines and Covid protocols only reinforced my confidence in their service”.

For many residents their only other option would have been booking an ambulance — which is not only unreliable but also takes away from much-needed essential emergency services on the coast. Care For A Lift also takes the worry out of missing critical appointments, or being held up for unreasonable lengths of time.

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This is not a new community challenge.

Local residents have been advocating for improved transportation services on the Sunshine Coast for many years. If someone lives outside the public transportation network — even at the end of a long driveway — public transportation cannot pick up and service those with accessibility needs. In some cases, an ambulance is the only alternative for someone who needs to get to a medical appointment

Maryanne Brabander, Care for a Lift (CFAL) & Ryan Staley, Coastal Rides (CR) owners recognized this significant gap in accessible, reliable transportation services in several coastal communities. Rather than wait, they decided to combine forces to realize their shared accessible transportation vision and address this growing need.

Each company serves slightly different customers but they recognized they could be stronger and more far-reaching together. CFAL currently supports all companion and medical transportation on and off the Coast, while CR is the first ride hail company to serve the Sunshine Coast. Rides are booked through the Coastal Rides easily downloadable app for both CFAL'S wheelchair accessible vehicle and CR'S car or 9 passenger van transport.

Following the advice of trusted advisors, Maryanne and Ryan have formed the “Getting There Society”, a not-for-profit to fill this long-standing gap. The goal is to submit grants and raise funds from philanthropic organizations and generous individuals.

The Coast Reporter just did a story on Getting There Society's brave new adventure and we've included the link to give you a better idea of the challenges here on the Coast regarding accessible transportation


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Purchase and operate an electric, hybrid, accessible vehicle which can be accessed by drivers across the Sunshine Coast.

Short Term Fundraising Goal:

As relatively new small business start-ups, they cannot continue to offer accessible transportation without subsidizing their services in some way. Taxes only pay for public services within existing transportation networks that do not meet the needs of local residents. More specifically, CFAL needs to raise $30,000 by November 30, 2021. Without this financial support we will be unable to continue operating the existing wheelchair accessible vehicle. Coastal Rides needs a bigger network of vehicles and drivers to service the growing demand and create easily accessible ride services.  Funds will also be used to own, maintain vehicles, cover insurance costs, hire new drivers, and with local government support, subsidize rides for users.

Long Term Goal:

Our main goal is to purchase a hybrid & eventually an electric accessible van. Work with other transportation organizations and local governments to ensure accessible and affordable transportation can be provided for all abilities, regardless of where they live on the Sunshine Coast. Our goal is to raise an additional $120,000 to meet our community's transportation needs.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need resilient community based programs to support one another. Our goal is for people on the coast to feel connected and taken care of when it comes to transportation. Getting There Society is asking that we, the community, help fill these transportation gaps.

With that in mind, we are launching a fundraising drive to secure the necessary funding to continue Care for a Lift & Coastal Rides accessible services in partnership with the Getting There Society.


Your support now will play a critical role in keeping accessible and affordable transportation on the coast now and in the future.

There are several ways you can support this effort:

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Ann Morcom

1 year ago

Contributed $100 CAD
Thanks for your kindness with Mom. Good luck with your new venture.

1 year ago

Contributed $200 CAD
Good Luck!
Colleen Reichgeld

1 year ago

Contributed $100 CAD
This is a wonderful initiative. I really appreciated the transport services provided to my parents when their mobility was challenged. Thank you.

1 year ago

Contributed $300 CAD
Thanks so much for creating this service. The flexibility of your program is one of the key aspects of it. So important.
Doug and Peggy...

1 year ago

Contributed $500 CAD
Jim Richmond

1 year ago

Contributed $200 CAD

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