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Invest in my Healing Practice/Business and earn a financial return

Important information

This is a debt project that is offered under the start-up crowdfunding registration exemption.

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Our mobile store is so close to being mobile - to complete it we need your help so we can buy a vehicle and a complete a few final renovation pieces.

Our mobile store is so close to being mobile - to complete it we need your help so we can buy a vehicle and a complete a few final renovation pieces.


Forest Spirit Creations is a Healing practice/business run by myself, Sheena Star and my fiancé Phillip VandeRuyt. We create and sell nature-inspired art, jewelry and plant medicines, such as salves and tinctures.

The business has been operating for three years, and Phillip became involved one year ago. In our second year we broke even and last year the business made a small profit. The majority of our revenues come from markets and festivals but we are also now starting to grow sales online too. You can see and follow Forest Spirit Creations on Facebook, Etsy and Instagram.

"I love Forest Spirit Creations! The craftsmanship is excellent, the tonics and salves are made with love, and the artwork is quirky and endearing."
- Kristen Sparks, Nov 2016

How we will grow the business

Recently we purchased a vintage trailer to create a mobile store...


Once fitted out this will significantly reduce laborious and time-consuming setup and teardown of the pop-up shop, while still allowing us to sell at markets and festivals. We will also be able to sell products from other artists and earn commissions on those sales.

So far we’ve gutted the interior, replaced the rotted framework, installed/built furniture pieces and resealed all the seams. Interior finishing and exterior paint will complete the project.


Finally, we want to buy: a truck to tow our mobile store, a tiny wood stove to heat it, and a solar panel to light it.

"I absolutly love the lotion bars! They have totaly changed the look and feel of my skin. I will never wash my face with anything else again."
- Jaunita Dube, Jan 2016

How you can help

We are seeking to raise $10,500 to complete the trailer conversion and to buy a second-hand truck. We are very pleased that Victoria Community Micro-Lending is providing matching funds up to $5,000 for this project. So for every $250 that you lend to us, the Victoria Micro-Lending Society will provide a matching loan of $250 up to a maximum of $5,000. Better still, the Victoria Micro-Lending Society will administer the entire loan amount.

To invest in our business simply go to the funding section, add the amount you are happy to lend in the currency field and then click the 'Invest Now' button. This will then take you through to a Risk Assessment form where we ask a series of questions to make sure you are eligible to invest. On completing this form you will be taken to the payment page where we will ask you for your payment card details.

Investment Terms

We are offering 2% (per annum) interest on any loan that you make to the business. So, for example, if you invest $1,000 you will get back the principal $1,000 plus accrued interest of $80 over 4 years.

How the loan will be administered

We will make 48 monthly payments of principal plus interest to Victoria Community Micro-Lending. Once we have completed all the payments, you will receive your total principal and accrued interest in one amount.

The minimum loan is $250 and the maximum is $1500. For all terms and conditions please refer to the Victoria Community Micro-Lending Sample Loan Agreement

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