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Invest in my local cocoa production plant and earn a sweet return

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This is a debt project that is offered under the start-up crowdfunding registration exemption.

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Emkao Foods, is a small manufacturer of cocoa products operating from Mission, BC. We are seeking a loan of $40,000 to purchase manufacturing equipment, which we will repay over three years at 8%.

Emkao Foods, is a small manufacturer of cocoa products operating from Mission, BC. We are seeking a loan of $40,000 to purchase manufacturing equipment, which we will repay over three years at 8%.

Emkao Foods

Pure cocoa beans taste better!
Ayissi NyembaMy name is Ayissi Nyemba. I am a recent immigrant to Canada and a woman entrepreneur. I am also the founder of Emkao Foods Inc., a start-up food enterprise in Mission, British Columbia that plans to process 30 metric tonnes of certified Fair Trade cocoa beans from our family farm in Cameroon (Africa) during its first full year of operation. We are seeking your help to provide a $40,000 loan to grow our business and produce a range of chocolate products.

From farm to finished product

What makes us unique is that we are a single source chocolate producer that is vertically integrated. This allows us to offer high-quality cocoa products at competitive prices. Our beans are sourced from our family farm in the centre of Cameroon, which has a long history of growing cacao beans. The beans are organically produced and processed and meet fair-trade certification standards.

Our family farm operates using fair labour practices and does not use child labour. We are strongly committed to sustainable cocoa production methods.

Our progress to date

Secured a production facility in Mission, BC

Completed a full business plan and raised $65,000

Conducted customer surveys to determine the types/quantities of products

Obtained pre-orders for a significant portion of our initial production volume

Revenue Streams
We plan to manufacture the following products...
Raw cocoa beans
Cocoa nibs
Cocoa butter
Cocoa powder
Cocoa chips

Proposed sales channels
We plan to sell our products through the following sales channels...

How the funds will be used

Hire key staff

Expand our marketing efforts

Purchase and install key manufacturing equipment

Our Team
Ayissi Nyemba
Founder & CEO of Emkao. I have 7 years experience as an international CSR professional. I have a Master's Degree in Marketing and am a graduate of Ecole chocolate, the professional school of chocolate arts. I lead our sales and fundraising efforts.
Ambela Nyemba
Ambela, my dad, is an international agronomist with a PHD from Wisconsin. He will be in charge of growing our high-quality beans in Cameroon.
Derrick Pho
Derrick is our Maitre chocolatier, has 28 years experience in cocoa production and I'll be working closely with him on our recipes.
Nicolas & Steve Nyemba
As software engineers, Nicolas and Steve will be responsible for the branding, website and other online channels.
Mike Manion
Mike is my mentor and a veteran farm owner, will help me implement high level strategies to improve operations and grow the business.
Marc Soer
Marc is our supply chain specialist and has 5 years experience in supply chain management. He will be responsible for providing transparency to our supply chain and operations.
Why invest in us?
  • We have a very experienced team;
  • Good market traction;
  • An excellent supply of high quality, certified organic;
  • Buyer commitments for over 200 metric tonnes of chocolate chips;
  • One of very few chocolate firms that is vertically integrated from farm to finished product.
  • A strong commitment to sustainable and ethical production practices.
Our Financing Offer

We are offering to pay 8% interest per annum for three years. In the first year, we will pay interest only, on a quarterly basis. In years 2 and 3, we will pay both principal and interest quarterly so that at the end of three years the entire loan amount (plus accrued interest) will be fully repaid. The minimum loan amount is $250. The maximum loan amount is $1500.

We are confident in our ability to make our loan payments because our annual profits will give us more than enough cash flow to fully pay all our loan amounts. More details are available in our offering documents.

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Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 7th Sep 2018

Great to see this business getting some investment traction.

Thanks Rob! I very happy as well, to see that the community beleives in how we can make a real impact, with our collective efforts.

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