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It takes a village to save a Beach


Preserve this natural gem of lakeshore and parkland as public space for all of the community to gather for generations to come.

Preserve this natural gem of lakeshore and parkland as public space for all of the community to gather for generations to come.

Let's create a Legacy!

We can't imagine our children riding their bikes by Centre Beach 5 years from now saying, "Do you remember when there was a beach there and we would jump off the dock?"

For over 70 years, the Naramata Centre Beach has been the place to jump off the dock, play in the sand and rest in the shade under the beautiful trees. Friends and family have gathered around the fire pit or rested their backs against the giant trees.

This can be our generation's Manitou Park, a legacy of space and place to be enjoyed by generations to come.


As part of a larger redevelopment effort, the Naramata Centre needs to sell a portion of their beach for private development. Our group (Naramata Citta Slow) approached the Centre to find if there was a way to preserve this beach and park to ensure we can forever enjoy it as a publicly owned asset.

With over 320 ft of lakefront, this 1 acre parkland site is bordered on the north by Naramata Creek which is once again a salmon spawning stream due to community efforts.

How will it work

Pending the success of this campaign, the Naramata Centre Society and the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) have entered into a sales agreement for the northern portion of the site (.95 acre). Additionally, the Centre and the RDOS would enter into a joint use agreement covering the entire park (northern and southern portions) so that the public will enjoy the entire park in perpetuity.

Our Fundraising Goal

The full price to buy the northern portion is $1.7 million and the RDOS has mechanisms to fund the balance of this purchase. Our fundraising goal is $850,000 and we know we can make this happen! Indeed, we have already received some very generous pledges, but we need your help to reach our goal and to spread the word. Once we have reached our goal, the funds we have raised will be provided to the RDOS and they will issue tax receipts for all donations greater than $20.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Goal

An opportunity like this is once in a lifetime. Will you help us keep this green jewel as a place where children can continue to play and community can continue to gather and celebrate?

As a way to show our appreciation and collective commitment, every donor will receive a green ribbon to tie on your front door or around a tree in your yard.

Join us in keeping our village as green as we can!

Closer and Closer

2 days ago

Four days ago we passed $600,000 and as I type this update we are at $726,000!

We continue to be astounded and so grateful for the outpouring of care and support of this initiative. Support has come in from throughout the Pacific Northwest and Yukon, the Prairie Provinces, Eastern Canada and all the way to Turkey! The depth and breadth of the impact of experiences gained here is profound and is showing in everyone’s commitment to this project.

526 people and organizations have made pledges so far and each one is as important as the next one – we would only be where we are at because of each one of you.

Some more great stories we have heard - Giulia Flaherty a 7 year old Naramatian has pledged $10 and challenged other Naramata kids to follow her lead. Yvonne Hayden aged 10 will be running up Gulch Road 10 times this Sunday. You can read more about Yvonne on MyNaramata and the positive impact she is making in her community.

So will you help us move from 84% of target to 100%? Please share this website throughout your community or create a challenge in your area. $139,000 is what is remaining to preserve this beach for many generations to come. Help us get there and feel a part of making this happen!


Total Keeps Climbing

5 days ago

Wow – yesterday we crossed the $600,000 and we start to write the update and now we are $625,000.  We are so incredibly grateful to all of you!

We are also heartened by some of the stories -  

Graycie Goodjohn & Minton Doull, former Naramata May Queens who have donated and are challenging the 95 past Naramata May Day Queens and Royalty to do the same.

Wineries challenging other wineries to donate their tasting fees and so many local business and community groups all creating excitement and a call to action.

Former Centre summer staff, Program Leaders and participants are all demonstrating how their times at the Centre Beach were a key part of their Naramata experience. 

So far 420 people and organizations have shown their commitment and support for keeping Centre Beach as a place where jumping off the dock and gathering around the campfire will be part of a Naramata experience for generations to come.

Will you join us in this commitment? During this harvest season where we give thanks for the beauty and abundance of this land, this is how we can say thank you for the years we have enjoyed Centre Beach and for the promise of many experiences still to come. Please share this message with your circle of friends and organizations and help make this wish become a reality.    


Gaining ground

10 days ago

A huge shout out to Naramata and all of its supporters far and wide. Thank you so much for the incredible response to the fundraising efforts to preserve Centre Beach.

The NaramataSlow Community Group is beyond pleased to report that we have finally been able to verify all of the pledges made prior to launching this site, as well as donations that have been made directly to the RDOS.

We can now confirm the total dollars raised from all sources, towards the preservation of Centre Beach is $537,996 (and climbing). Note - our crowd funding site does not include a verbal commitment of $100,000 which is currently being finalized.  We are humbled by the level of generosity and dedication to our community that we are being shown through this initiative. 

Although the $312,000 remaining still seems large with 17 days left to go we know this number can be easily and quickly achieved when broken down … 31 donations at $10,000 … 62 at $5,000 and before you know it the little village that thinks it can has become the little village that did.

And Naramata is slowly turning green! The green ribbon campaign has got people talking and donating. Doors, gates and entryways throughout Naramata are turning green. Along with a tax deductible receipt, every donor gets a length of green ribbon to decorate their door or gate with. If you have donated and have not yet received your ribbon, please email us at with delivery instructions in the event you aren’t home and we will deliver. We’d also love to see your green ribbon on social media. If you use Facebook or Instagram, please consider posting:

“The little village that CAN – we support the preservation of Centre Beach in Naramata. To get your green ribbon and support, donate online at or mail a chq to the RDOS – Area E Centre Beach Acquisition Fund, 101 Martin St, Penticton BC V2A 5J9

#ittakesavillagetosaveabeach  #ourgenerationsmanitou  #naramatalove   #naramatacentrebeach  #parklandlegacybegins”

Finally, we are now reaching out to businesses that are either based in Naramata or do business in Naramata. If you have a contractor, realtor or any deal with any other business who you think might be have the capacity and the will to assist, please forward on the attached information.

Every little bit helps … it takes a Village to save a beach and Naramata is the little village that can!


Village going Green!

14 days ago

The evening sunlight coming through the beach this weekend was magical. How can we risk losing this beautiful space? On Thanksgiving Day weekend, we are reminded of the many gifts we have each been given.  While 2020 has brought its challenges, we are grateful that we can still see in the sparkle of the lake and the crispness of the fall air - the gifts that are all around us.

As of last counting 145 people have stepped up to show how much the Centre Beach means to them and this village. All donations large and small will make our goal achievable.   Share this website with all your friends and share your stories of what Centre Beach has meant to you.

Also if you have been in the village lately, you will be seeing that while the trees may be turning red and yellow, our doors & signs are turning green. Please join us in showing our love of this place by adding a green ribbon to your home. You can email us at and we can arrange to get you some green ribbon. If you are supporting this campaign from far and wide, please add some green ribbon to your door to show your support of Centre Beach. Take a photo and share on Instagram, tagging @naramataslow on your own feed, use it as your Facebook profile and post it to NaramataSlow's Facebook page.  Also please forward to any of your local business contacts and make this a whole village success.

Help us reach our goal and preserve this space and place for generations to come.  Our generations Manitou Beach!


Off to an amazing start!

20 days ago

In just the first few days of our platform being on line, we have received over $20,000 in new commitments to our campaign. The support from our community is gratifying to us all.

Some people have asked why the total on the website is below the $400,000 amount that was highlighted in our launch. Some of the larger donations have been made directly to the Regional District and we are working with them to get the breakdown so we can add them in to our platform totals. Stay tuned!

We also wanted to let you know that it was four years ago this Friday October 9th that we held our very first Harvest Supper and we held it right here on Centre Beach! That was a magical evening and proved what our community can do and marked the beginning of our now annual celebration of the bounty of this place.

How fitting that four years later, we are taking this major step to invest in ensuring this beach remain as a place for children to play and community to gather for generations to come. Where the Naramata Centre and the community will form a solid partnership of providing the place and space where we can laugh by the water and rest under the trees. Here are some photos from that first harvest supper in 2016 to remind you of the magic. Remember share the word for our campaign to ensure we meet our goal! 

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