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Looks Good and Does Good – Now We Want to Do More!


Wood Shop has founded a Material Innovation & Social Venture Hub in East Vancouver. Help us to Renovate & Fixture it.

Wood Shop has founded a Material Innovation & Social Venture Hub in East Vancouver. Help us to Renovate & Fixture it.



Woodshop Worker Coop is looking for community support to grow its impact in Vancouver by establishing a new shared space for coops and social enterprises.

Since 2014, We have been a small worker-owned business offering reclaimed and sustainably-sourced furniture, millwork, metalwork and DIY workshops for home and business. Recently we were given the opportunity to move to a new space with better infrastructure and more tooling, and we've jumped in with both feet!

We are thrilled to be sharing this new space with many fantastic organizations, including Victory Gardens Worker Coop, Hives for Humanity Society, Whole World Consulting, Made to Fly Design and The Vancouver Tool Library Coop. With this new space we have an opportunity to deepen our collaborations, bolster our membership, enliven our community and grow our social impact.

We've received support from Vancity Credit Union and have invested our own capital in this project. With this campaign we aim to match this investment with an additional $35 000 to install a comprehensive dust collection system as well as renovate our community engagement space. We want a safe, vibrant, inclusive space full of meaningful collaboration, and you can help us make it happen.

By sharing a new space with like-minded organizations and scaling our business, we can further our mandate for social, environmental and economic justice here in Vancouver and beyond.

Our work looks good and does good - now we want to do more!







We are thrilled to be sharing our new space with the following partners




A worker-owned organization that helps you grow your own food.




 A non-profit organization founded in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver that supports inclusion and builds belonging through the culture around the bee hive. 



A social enterprise using reclaimed wood to make beautiful signage and wood art. Offering all kinds of laser-engraving services

 A cooperative tool-lending library in East Vancouver that hosts workshops and member drop-in nights in
our new space.




A local enterprise consulting for waste prevention, and catalyzing networks to effect system change.


The Vision



With our partners, we will build a vibrant, inclusive space that fosters collaboration between all our organizations. Our shop space will be shared for workshops and build days, where we can activate programming that we have already established, including our waste recovery program with Hives for Humanity, where we recover wood from mattress box spring frames and use the wood to build our products and provide skills training and employment to those living with barriers in our city.


Our new space will enable us to expand our product line, featuring wood recovered through partnerships with great organizations like Unbuilders Deconstruction, Western Reclaimed Timber and Mattress Recycling Vancouver. Many of these products are featured at Greenworks Building Supply - another great partner doing amazing work!


Our upstairs area will be made into a community engagement space for deepening these connections and hosting workshops and other events that fulfill our mandate for positive social change.  From day-to-day activity as an office and meeting space, to community events and workshops - the space will never be empty!


What the Money Will be Used For


Right now, our community engagement space needs some work. With the funds we raise, we will renovate with things like:


New Painting

New Flooring

Electrical Upgrades

Presentation Equipment

Desks and Chairs

Movable Partitions

Kitchen Amenities



We will also use the funds we raise to install a comprehensive dust collection and air extraction system in our shop. This will enable many people to work side-by-side in a safe and clean environment. From laser etching to sanding to finishing, a clean shop is a happy shop!


Any additional funds raised will go to further electrical upgrades and other costs associated with the building, including a hefty damage deposit as well as new shop equipment we need to purchase.











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