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Nada: Vancouver’s first package-free grocery store!


Nada delivers the next step to a healthier food system through 100% package-free shopping. Help us open our doors in Vancouver, Canada.

Nada delivers the next step to a healthier food system through 100% package-free shopping. Help us open our doors in Vancouver, Canada.

In the summer of 2013, Brianne Miller had an idea that would change her relationship with food forever. As a marine biologist, she had witnessed firsthand the masses of harmful plastic swirling around in our oceans, the majority of which was waste associated with food packaging.

The connection was made: almost all of the problems that the oceans face were somehow linked to our current food system. How we were growing, transporting, processing, packaging, buying, selling, consuming, and throwing away food are all contributing to climate change and habitat degradation. It just didn't make sense.

She realized that the current grocery store system is broken, and that even the most ethical, local, and organic example was still caught in this cycle of waste. And so, she asked the simple question that would positively change things forever. What if food... was just food again?

Vanouverites send 100,000 tons of food & packaging to landfill every year

What's missing in grocery stores today? Genuine care or action about the food waste issue. We don't want more stuff to throw away in the trash and we don't want our food source to be part of the problem.

Nada is responding to these growing concerns by offering 100% package-free groceries. We are filling a large gap, not only in the grocery store landscape, but in humanity and the planet's environmental needs.

At Nada, we work with our local food community to procure high quality and responsibly sourced package-free foods from right here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Not only do shoppers #BYOC (bring your own container) thus reducing their own packaging waste, they also waste less food by buying only what they need. This ultimately saves them money (an average of $1,500 per family per year!), all while supporting sustainably-minded local suppliers and helping save our planet from a plastic apocalypse.

We go beyond the four walls of our store too. We're working to improve the entire supply chain by using reusable container with our suppliers, and working on collaborative initiatives to help them green their businesses too!

How NADA works

We deliver the next step to a healthier food system with a holistic approach behind every decision that we make, from sourcing organic veggies from urban farms to making sure that surplus food ends up in the hands of those who need it the most. Welcome to the food system revolution!

Our Impact

For the past two years, we have operated with a pop-up store model with continued partnerships at Patagonia Vancouver, the Mount Pleasant Farmers' Market, and many event-based pop-ups around town. This has allowed us to get to know our customers, expand our offerings, and prove the viability of a permanent package-free grocery store in Vancouver, Canada. This past summer, we secured our permanent storefront at a busy intersection in the East Van neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant. Help us build our dream store!

NADA 657 East Broadway Coming Soon

Our building plans have been submitted and we are STOKED to start the renovations. While we have secured funding for most of the major capital needs, a final burst of funds will really help to bring this dream to reality. With this campaign, we are hoping to raise $25,000 which will be used towards two main projects:

If we raise more than $25,000... stay tuned for our stretch goals!

As part of our 1% for the Planet commitment, 1% of all funds raised will be donated directly to grassroots environmental non-profits in the Vancouver area tackling food waste, plastic pollution, and protection of our coasts and oceans.

We are so grateful for each and every dollar contributed towards this campaign. To thank you for your support, we're providing a selection of perks including four curated products sets, four tiers of gift cards (the more you contribute, the more you get back!), one workplace workshop designed specifically for organizations interested in reducing their waste, and one Grand Getaway!

As we know the holidays are approaching, we have enough inventory currently in stock to provide the Tooth Fairy, the Home Care Kit, and the Zero Waste Shopping Kit for local pick-up on December 17th, in store. As soon as our campaign reaches its minimum goal, we will send you an email to see whether you would prefer to pick these items up on December 17th, or have them mailed to you in early 2018. Nada Gift Cards are also digitally available before the holidays. All other perks will be mailed to your address by February 2018.


NADA team

NADA timeline

NADA media coverage

NADA customer testimonials

As with any company, there are risks and challenges associated with getting a new business up and running. We have already secured our lease at 675 East Broadway, have our contractor lined up, and have secured many of the major pieces of equipment involved in setting up a grocery store. The principal risk associated with our launch is timing. We have currently submitted all building plans to the City of Vancouver, and cannot start renovations until these are approved, affecting the ultimate opening date. Regardless of the opening date, our perks are expected to be delivered on time. Of course for long-distance shipping, there may be delays, but we expect these to be minimal. We will keep all backers up-to-date with any expected changes in the delivery schedule for perks, and for the opening date for the store.

There are more ways to help: You can help spread our campaign far and wide by sharing on social media via the buttons below, sharing with friends and family via email, and hey, maybe you could even share via word of mouth!

NADA says thanks

3 years ago

In 24 hours we raised our entire goal of $25,000.
In just one week we raised our first stretch goal of $40,000.
Ready for one more?

We could not be more pleased by the tremendous support we've seen rallying behind this campaign. We are so excited to see this community grow and thrive! And we are so delighted to have this platform not only to talk about problems with the grocery industry today, but also to talk about solutions. With our last stretch goal we talked about closing the surplus food loop within our own store, and are pleased to announce that because of your amazing contributions, we will be building out a Snack & Smoothie Bar that uses surplus food from our grocery side to create delicious, nutritious, inspiring products.

Now let's talk about TRASH!! With Stretch Goal #2:

At Nada, we strongly believe that all businesses should be responsible for the materials they put out in our world. All of our products have been chosen for containing environmentally preferred materials; almost all of our products are fully compostable after use, with the remaining products sold in returnable or reusable containers. However, if there's any product or part of a product that you don't wish to or don't know how to dispose of (think end-of-life tote bags, bamboo toothbrushes, or even your jars), we are happy for you to bring it back to us and we will dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way. But that isn't our stretch goal - that's just in our DNA.

If we hit our second stretch goal of $50,000, we will increase that commitment and install an in-store recycling station for hard-to-recycle items (lightbulbs, batteries, etc.). Although the first rules of zero waste living are always #refuse, #reduce, and #reuse; we believe there should be more options to recycle those tricky items... even if they weren't purchased in our store. But that's not all...

... while we're talkin' trash... if we hit $50,000, we will not only install this recycling station, but the Nada team will honour the additional $10,000 by picking up 10,000 pieces of trash from our rivers, oceans, and trails throughout 2018!

Want to see this happen? You know what to do... head right on over to those perks and get contributing! ;)

Brianne, Alison, & the whole Nada team


3 years ago

What an incredible first day of our campaign!! In less than 24 hours, we raised over $27,000, surpassing our crowdfunding goal of $25,000 on DAY ONE!! We are speechless, flabbergasted, overwhelmed, floored.... and so inspired to keep going. What a community effort that was, with 281 backers ALREADY! We feel that this is such a vote of confidence that Vancouver is ready for this type of store, and there is still so much we have planned in store for Nada. So we're announcing a stretch goal of...

If successful, we will be able to fund the next big dream of ours: a Snack & Smoothie Bar within Nada! The funds will contribute towards renovations to the space, new equipment (such as cafe fridge, sinks, and blenders), and all the reusable cups and plates to make this project happen! This has been part of our dream since day one, and with your help, we now feel confident in its success.

This project has two goals: First, by using surplus greens, fruit, and berries from our produce section into smoothies and other delicious products, we'll be working towards a circular food system within our own stores. Food waste is something we care about deeply at Nada, and we are so excited to be able to tackle it square on with this project! Second, by using only products available in store to create delicious snacks and convenience items, we hope to inspire our community to try out new recipes and expand the possibilities of package-free eating! We believe that Vancouverites are ready for more package-free options to-go (or to stay!), and we hope that this project catalyzes that movement.

Once again, we can't thank you enough for your support already. It's been amazing not only seeing the donations ticker move up (and up, and up!), but seeing the amazing conversations that are being started because of this movement. We ask that you please continue to contribute to this food-system movement, and please continue sharing with your networks. Let's keep this conversation going!!

Brianne, Alison, & the whole Nada team

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James Barrs on 21st Nov 2017

Congratulations team NADA on reaching your stretch goal 🙂
Project owner Nada on 22nd Nov 2017

Thank you so much, James! Appreciate your support! 🙂

Eliot Cohen on 15th Nov 2017

This is wonderful, kudos for being such pioneers!
Project owner Nada on 16th Nov 2017

Thanks so much, Eliot! Hope to see you in store soon!

Julie Mary on 15th Nov 2017

So excited for you, guys! And of course you reached your goal in less than 24 hours.❤️
Project owner Nada on 16th Nov 2017

Thanks so much, Julie!! We’re pretty stoked we reached that milestone so quickly too!!
Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 15th Nov 2017

Thank you Nada, you are just what we need right now, an island of sane simplicity in the crazy world of plastic consumerism.
Project owner Nada on 15th Nov 2017

Thank you Rob for wonderfully kind words!!

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