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Purchase a special electrically assisted bicycle called a “trishaw” to take seniors for bike rides.


We take elderly people out for a bicycle ride. We break them free from social isolation. Make them smile. And let them be part of society.

We take elderly people out for a bicycle ride. We break them free from social isolation. Make them smile. And let them be part of society.

Cycling Without Age

Cycling Without Age (CWA) is a grassroots movement that started in Copenhagen Denmark in 2012 and has spread internationally to 50 countries with 2,200 local chapters (as of March 2020). CWA has 33,000 trained pilots and has served over 1.5 million people.  Special three-seat, electrically-assisted bikes called “Trishaws” allow volunteer cyclists to provide free rides to residents of Seniors Homes.

Cycling Without Age has been proven to be exceptionally popular and meaningful for elderly participants who have experienced Trishaw rides. CWA notes that many elderly people often experience a loss of mobility and independence. This leads to social isolation, loneliness, and depression. Time spent with the volunteers on the Trishaw breaks them free from their social isolation. The program gives them wind in their hair, the ability to connect with nature, and the chance to share their stories.

Cycling Without Age Lanark County aims to bring this experience to residents of Lanark County’s Seniors Homes.

Our Fundraising Goal

We are currently raising funds to purchase our first trishaw and hope to begin offering rides in the near future. We need to raise $7,000 to complete the purchase of our first trishaw. We hope that you can help us reach our goal by clicking on the "back this project" button and make a donation of any amount that you choose.

Our seniors and our volunteers really appreciate your help. Thank you for your support!


We did it!

3 months ago

Thanks to the generous donations of community businesses, organizations and private individuals we have met and exceeded our fundraising goal! The Trishaw has been ordered and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Our next step is to recruit and train pilots for the 2021 cycling season.

For more information see Follow our website for more updates.

Many thanks to the Wayblaze folks for hosting our fundraising campaign.

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Radio Interview with Treff Peters about Cycling without Age

6 months ago

Brian Perkin of radio station Lake88 interviewed Treff Peters about Cycling Without Age in Lanark County.

Listen to the interview here.

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Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 20th Aug 2020

Great to see that Cycling with Age: Lanark County has exceeded their fund-raising goal – well done!!
Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 21st May 2020

This looks like a wonderful initiative that will really make a difference to the lives of many of our community elders. Wishing you the best of luck with your campaign.

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