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Purchase a trishaw to allow Cycling Without Age to provide free rides for mobility challenged people

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We give "The right to wind in their hair" to mobility challenged people" combating social isolation and renewing their zest for life.

We give "The right to wind in their hair" to mobility challenged people" combating social isolation and renewing their zest for life.

About Cycling without age

Cycling Without Age is an international program in 38 countries for mobility challenged people to help them enjoy the fresh air and scenery of their surroundings from the front of a trishaw. We help break them free from social isolation so they can be part of society again. But it's not only about the passengers. It's also about the volunteers, who provide the cycle rides. Cycling Without Age is less about volunteering in the traditional sense and more about active citizenship. It's about creating relationships between people.

About the North Shore Chapter

The North Shore Chapter of Cycling Without Age was initiated by retired engineer Ian Rose-Innes. A good friend had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and after surgery, radiation and chemo he was rather degraded. Ian wanted to take him for bike ride along the False Creek sea wall and for a cup of coffee at Olympic Village, but not one of the bike shops he tried in Vancouver had equipment that he could use to transport his friend. So when he encountered Cycling Without Age, which provides rides on a trishaw for those with mobility challenges, it really struck a chord. He started to work on the creating a North Shore Chapter which is now a reality.

The North Shore Chapter will serve all residents of the Vancouver North Shore free of charge beginning in April 2020. It is owned, insured and operated by Silver Harbour Seniors' Activity Centre Society, with support from the West Vancouver Seniors' Activity Centre.

Our Fundraising Goal

To be fully operational we need to purchase two trishaws, at a cost of $15,000 each by November 2019. We have already raised enough money to buy our first trishaw. Now we are raising funds for a second trishaw. We need $15,000 to complete the purchase of our second trishaw. We hope that you can help us reach our goal by purchasing one of the rewards listed on the right or clicking on the "back this project" button and make a donation of any amount that you choose.

Thank you for your support!

Front page article in The Global Canadian

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Cycling Without Age North Shore is front page news in The Global Canadian on September 18 th.


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