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Veterans Memorial Gardens

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Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre, where the past and the present meet.

Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre, where the past and the present meet.

Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre is being built on a small 1/2 acre space of vacant land next to the Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada #389 Community Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

It is a 5 year project to complete all phases of the gardens and interpretive centre.

Watch this short two minute video to learn about the history of the project: The History of Veterans Memorial Gardens

Phase one of this project is complete.

We have the Afghanistan War Monument installed on a 30 x 30 concrete pad and our miniature Peace Arch (12' x 12') along with the memorials of 4 soldiers that are tied to our city installed on the corners of the concrete pad the monument is on. We also have solar lighting installed as well.

We were successful in obtaining a Community Facility Enhancement Program grant so this September we begin installing water and sewer, our 24 x 60 modular building, our sidewalks, the first 73 service panels of regional killed in Action Soldiers, our fencing and whatever else we can complete before the snow flies.

An Overview of Our future complex

Our Interpretive Centre is being built in informational clusters.

There is a cluster that is dedicated to Army Training Base 132 Grande Prairie, and "D Company" of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. This garden will tell the stories of 24 regional Loyal Edmonton Regiment Soldiers killed in action, the history of "D Company" and of Army Training Base No 132 Grande Prairie. The garden will feature a sculpture of Lestock, the Coyote mascot of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment.

Below you can also see how we intend to flesh out the other interpretive areas. All of these interpretational clusters are being worked on with the stakeholders so the final "garden" for each stakeholder may end up different than proposed.

Our Educational Programs will be taught out of the Canadian Legion of Riders Learning Centre

Our funding request and proposed use of funds:

We are applying for several grants and have partnerships with the 18 Legions of Region 1 AB/NWT Command.

Our current focus is to research, corroborate and construct commemorative panels for the next 73 soldiers.

Each soldier's panel and pedestal costs $875 to create and install.

$275/pedestal, including the story writing, the editing, layout, French translation and printing.

$500/pedestal, including the steel, fabrication, powder coating.

$100/pedestal for installation, including the lag bolts, nuts, rivets and labour.

If that soldier spoke Cree, we have a translator willing to complete the translation for a heavily discounted price of $100 per soldier.

EVERY DOLLAR RAISED through this campaign will be matched with funds from other organizations, grants or sponsors like the Royal Canadian Legion, Canadian Fallen Heroes Foundations, communities, towns and small businesses.

Our welder, the steel company and the powder coater have all agreed to give us discounts and we have already raised $4,000 through regional Legions, so we need to raise $28,000 from this campaign.

It is relevant to note that Poppy Fund money cannot be used for the pedestals or install, only the actual service panels. Therefore some panels will have 3 and four sponsors.

Every donation is deeply appreciated and gratefully accepted as it helps us further our project.

Breaking ground this afternoon

2 days ago

Well, Mother Nature appears to be giving us the window of opportunity that we needed to get our construction project started.

For sure we will have 16 trees planted  and 6-700 bulbs as we have a Day of Giving with Pembina Pipeline on Friday.  Saturday we have a day with the Army Cadets, cleaning up and getting the grounds and memorial ready for winter - that focus may change now!

TODAY we break ground for our building to be installed and to get the stub in to supply water and sewer to our facility.

It's exciting and scary all at the same time!

I will be posting photos and video from the groundbreaking today!


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