What is Wayblaze?

Wayblaze is an innovative crowdfunding and community engagement platform that brings your community together to inspire, discuss and fund community projects and businesses. We are building a community of change-makers to create better, more sustainable places and more engaged citizens.

Our projects can range from small neighbourhood-based initiatives to larger energy and social-purpose real estate projects. We can host projects focused on public art, place-making, local business ventures, habitat restoration, active transportation, parks & playgrounds, community buildings, affordable housing, alternative energy systems and sustainable real estate  – any initiative that improves a community and is accessible to everyone.

The path to improving your community often starts with inspirations from around the world(check out the Inspiration Zone) or suggestions from your fellow residents. Those ideas get shaped and voted on and the ones that get strongest support can then be turned into fundable projects. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, we don’t just stop when the project is funded. Our platform encourages project proponents to post implementation updates so you can continue to follow a project as it unfolds. You can literally see on your map how your community is being transformed with each completed project.

Wayblaze provides a powerful new way to make your community awesome. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Add an inspiration – Share an inspiring community project or local business example from anywhere in the world that others might want to implement in their community. Just add an image and few lines of text or even a whole case study.
  • Start an ideas campaign – Pose a key question to the community and gather and rank feedback and ideas.
  • Raise funds for a project – Tap into the local crowd to help fundraise for your community idea.
  • Share, like, and/or comment on inspirations, idea campaigns, ideas or projects.
  • Invite your friends to join Wayblaze to participate in the conversations and make change happen.

Wayblaze has 15 areas of focus to help create great communities



Green Buildings

Building energy retrofits, sustainable building demonstrations, walkable village improvements, small house designs


Housing Choice

Affordable housing projects, co-housing developments, live-work studios, heritage building preservation, mixed use buildings


Climate & Energy

Renewable energy projects, district heating systems, energy recycling initiatives, micro-hydro projects


Sustainable Transportation

Bicycle and pedestrian paths, bike share programs, car sharing, ride sharing, community transit improvements


Green Streets & Public Spaces

Pocket parks, pedestrian oriented plazas, street calming initiatives, playground equipment, green space improvements


Culture & Creativity

Public art projects, sculpture gardens, wall murals, community interaction initiatives, “happy city” projects


Health & Wellness

Active living programs, sports venue improvements, sports equipment, disease prevention programs, nutrition programs


Education & Learning

Community events, educational displays, environmental campaigns, social justice campaigns, community courses


Local Business

New business startups that serve the local community, initiatives to enhance and retain existing businesses


Local Food

Community gardens, group buying clubs, food waste recovery, urban agriculture projects, edible landscapes, land sharing


Waste Reduction

Waste diversion initiatives, recycling, recycled products, composting, reuse, re-purposing of wastes, goods sharing/swapping


Natural Ecosystems

Habitat restoration projects, tree planting programs, bird nesting boxes, wildlife rescue initiatives, climate change campaigns

social inclusion

Social Inclusion

Initiatives to support and include disadvantaged community members, ethnic groups, first nations, etc.

events & festivals

Events & Festivals

Community workshops, block parties, temporary outdoor markets, parades, community celebrations, food and drink festivals, music and film events

sustainable recreation

Sustainable Recreation

Playground improvements, cycling trails, dog parks, games rooms, human powered amusement rides