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A new wave of public aquariums.


A Floatarium is a floating, catch-and-release public education aquarium proposed to open in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, BC June 2018. 

Operating seasonally from June until September annually, the Floatarium will “bring the ocean to eye level” by providing engaging hands-on marine education for an affordable admission rates. This 20-30minute experience is targeted to families with children waiting for the ferry. 

Ocean to Eye Level (OTEL), the makers of the Floatarium, is committed to a catch-and-release philosophy which aims to make as little impact on the environmental as possible by releasing the locally-collected invertebrates and robust fish back to the sea after a short stay on display. 

The Floatarium will be the first of its kind, made up of a ~1000 sq. ft. floating platform with a 40′ shipping container on top. Inside and outside, there will be 20+ aquarium exhibits with local marine life including stars, crabs, snails, nudibranchs, sponges, shiner perch and juvenile rockfish. Visitors will be given the chance to see the ocean at eye level through live animal displays, touch tanks, underwater cameras, remote operated vehicles, video screens and underwater sound exhibits.  

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Simon Fawkes on 3rd Jan 2018

Great idea is it funded? I have another lower mainland location in mind and available and ready for Summer 2018. Would like to discuss if interested.