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A small business incubator hub in Arizona


An energetic woman named Pamela Slim, who delivers workshops on how local businesses can help build better communities, asked herself in late 2015, “What am I doing to support and super charge my community?”  Her answer was to create a small business incubator in her home town of Mesa, Arizona.  

She found a vacant space on the main street and then launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds needed to purchase portable chairs and tables for training sessions, couches and end tables to invite conversations, kitchen equipment, audio-visual equipment, signage, and some modest leasehold improvements such as new paint and lighting.  She set a campaign goal of $30,000 but managed to raise of $40,000.  The hub is now up and running and providing strong support for local business entrepreneurs in Mesa.  Doesn’t Pamela’s success inspire you to to establish a small business incubator in your community?  

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