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Coast Gravity bike park


The Coast Gravity bike park was launched just outside Sechelt, British Columbia in 2014 as the direct result of a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised almost $95,000 from over 1,000 backers ( about $94 per backer).  While the trails were designed by world-renowned mountain-bike riders, the trails are suitable for all levels of biking ability.  The 12 trails are carved through pristine low elevation ocean front forest. 

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Lee-Ann Ennis on 1st Jul 2017

All I know is that it is the hottest ticket in Sechelt. People come from the lower mainland to ride Gravity Park. It’s poplular.

Eesmyal Santos-Brault on 5th Apr 2017

Awesome example! I’m surprised how little money they needed to build the trails. I’m curious how they acquired the land and if it was purchased or is being leased/rented, and how that factored into the crowd-fund. For instance, it leasing the land, did a portion of the crowd-fund include a deposit for the rent and/or a few months rent to carry them when they had no revenue?

on 26th Mar 2017

Great project, a model that could be replicated elsewhere