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Glen Drive Community Street


A group of parents at Charles Dickens Elementary School took the initiative to approach the City of Vancouver with ideas to improve a traffic free and cutoff segment of Glen Drive. This piece of street sits between the school and public Sunnyside park, was in bad repair and underused. In collaboration with the City’s Green Streets Program a new layer of asphalt was provided, plugged drains cleared and unsightly barriers removed to make place for an attractive mural and unusual benches. This in addition to new trees, shrub and attractive perennial plantings has transformed a formerly “left over” space into a real community gathering place. The “street” is used in many ways: learning to ride bike, Tai Chi, informal gatherings, summer parties, basketball, street hockey, running, bike thoroughfare…to name a few.

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on 12th May 2017

Great to see what some colourful paint and creativity can do. I am sure there are other neighbourhood streets that benefit from a similar treatment.