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Mill Hill Garry Oak Restoration Project in Langford BC


The Mill Hill regional park in Langford contains about 20 hectares of Garry oak meadows and one of the highest concentrations of rare plants in British Columbia.  Garry oaks are only found in a very small area on the souther tip of Vancouver Island and a few spots on the southern gulf islands and there range has been shrinking due to development pressures.  In addition, invasive species, such as Scotch Broom, are outcompeting the native plant specials.  For these reasons and others, the Capital Regional District decided to launch a restoration projection, which has now been running since 2002.   Every year about 150 volunteers remove about 5 tonnes of invasive species and improve the pathways so that rare species of plants are not accidentally trampled on.   The invasive plants are incinerated in a commercial facility into a mulch, which then can be burned in biogas plants to produce energy.

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