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Green Buildings

Pacific Gardens Cohousing in Nanaimo


This 25 unit co-housing complex was completed in 2009 in Nanaimo with the vision of creating an inclusive community celebrating a connection to nature and social action in a sharing, caring and cooperative environment.

It includes an 8,000 sq. ft. Common House with a large kitchen and adjacent dining/activity hall with a children’s play area as well as other activity-based spaces such as a crafts room, music/meditation room, and conversation lounge. .

The property, which sits on 4.3 acres, has lots of space with tall trees, wildflowers, , a salmon-bearing stream and park to the south, a seasonal pond, and  flourishing organic gardens. Once an old farm, it still has numerous producing fruit trees.

Founding members of this community agreed to make this a ‘green’ project by adhering closely to LEED Guidelines to make the construction, occupation, and maintenance of this property as ecologically respectful as possible.

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