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Waste Reduction

Stuffstr: The app that allows you to find a new home for your old stuff


Stuffstr is an online service that lets you capture the value of your used stuff, regardless of condition. The company partners with retailers to buy back everything you’re done using, so it can go on to lead a happy, productive second life.  Stuffstr was founded by Seattle entrepreneur, John Atcheson and the company has already received numerous global awards for their innovative work.

Stuffstr is built on a vision of No Unused Stuff, and they go the extra mile to make things super easy for you to find a second home for the stuff you no longer want. There are no listings, no shipping requirements, and no hassles.  Just notify Stuffstr that you no longer want an item and they will arrange to have it picked up.  Better still, you will earn some money for it and help save the planet at the same time.  You can learn more at:

Stuffstr was launched in the UK but has plans to expand to other European countries, the US and Canada in the near future.  

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