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Candle Light Foundation in Uganda: Empowering women and girls


The Candle Light Foundation- Uganda (CLF) is a non-profit organization established in Uganda in 2001 by late Erla Halldorsdottir, who passed away in 2004. CLF’s primary focus is to empower vulnerable women and girls by offering diverse education programs that help them reach their full potential. The foundation empowers women and girls by teaching them skills such as tailoring, hairdressing, and working on computers and throught economic empowerment programs. These skills can lead to entrepreneurial ventures that the women and girls can launch after graduation.

CLF also runs a High School for those with potential to continue with formal education. It also creates a safe space for the women and girls to tell their stories and be heard in a safe and non-judgmental and empowering environment as well as to receive much needed counseling services. Most of the women and girls have experienced domestic violence, rape, verbal and psychological abuse from a very early age. Since 2001 CLF has successfully supported over 2500 vulnerable women and girls in Uganda

The school can currently enrol 100 to150 students from Forms 1 to 6 (Students in Form 6 are aged 18-19). A crowdfunding campaign is being put together the goal of which is to raise funds to build an extension to the school which will allow enrolment to increase to 700 plus students, which will allow the school to help many more girls who are currently suffering abuse.

The Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise and The Rotary Club of Kampala Nsambya have established a social enterprise with the cooperation of CLF called “The Rotary Hygiene and Sanitation Social Enterprise Limited.” This has been funded by a Rotary Global Grant for US$63,000 which includes funding from the Canadian Government. The purpose of this social enterprise is to train the teachers and students (both boys and girls) initially in 6 schools in Kampala Uganda in Menstrual Hygiene Management so they can manufacture reusable sanitary pads for sale and distribution to girls in schools.

The social enterprise will be located within the Candle Light High School and will provide opportunities for girls after graduation.  You can learn more about the foundation here:

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