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The Clubhouse Farm

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The Clubhouse Farm is an outdoor classroom and nature playspace. Children can explore and engage with the natural world, while meeting curriculum requirements for their grade and learning about where food comes from. Daycare, preschool and school age groups can play, dig, climb, garden, hike, build, get creative or just relax outside.

Farm status is maintained by producing fruit, vegetables, chicken, eggs, and sunflowers. Produce is used to feed children’s groups, and extra is sold in farm gate sales as a social enterprise. Through our education programs, children are connected to the land and can be a part of planting, growing, or harvesting food. Fresh picked veggies can be brought to the outdoor kitchen where food is washed and prepped for meals or to take home at the end of the day.

The value of The Clubhouse Farm project is immense. From befitting children’s education and development, to ecological restoration, to support of local food production, this innovative venture offers promising opportunity. The health and well-being of today’s children and the natural environment come hand in hand.

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