admin by Joan Giannone | 26 Sep 2020
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The fibreglass decorated moose program in Toronto, years ago. I’m thinking camels here.


Years ago in Toronto they raised money for charity with an “Urban Moose” program. It was great fun. Businesses paid to have a custom painted fibreglass moose at their place of business. They were everywhere! Tourists loved them. I’m thinking that we could use plywood silhouettes of camels and do the same thing in Lillooet, in honour of the Bridge of the 23 camels. We could hold a contest, or get businesses to fund local artists to decorate a camel. I was even thinking how great it would be to have 23 wildly painted wood camel silhouettes along the actual bridge. And there could be more throughout town. Also – could have a wood painted backdrop for tourists to stand behind with a cut out section so their head or body looks like they are riding a camel. Lillooet has this fairly unique history with the 23 camels…. it would be more fun and interesting than just the gold rush…

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