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The North Boswell Water Users Cooperative


Throughout the 1990’s Boswell BC on Kootenay Lake had been under various boil water notices and advisories. In response, a small group of 14 homeowners formed a cooperative in 2000 called “The North Boswell Water Users Community Inc”. They were sick and tired of the repeated boil water advisories and notices and decided to design a Point of Entry (POE) system using Ultra Violet Microbiological Water treatment technology.
In a POE, the treatment is delivered at the water intake to the home.   In about 2010, they were recognized as one of the first communities in North America to incorporate and operate a small drinking water system using a point of entry Ultra Violet Microbiological water treatment system.

The North Boswell Small drinking water system recently celebrated almost 20 years with ‘NO’ boil water advisories or notices.  This is even more remarkable given that some  surrounding communities continue to be  under permanent boil water advisories. These communities are working with the North Boswell Water Users Cooperative to help them establish their own infrastructure to create other cooperatives that can manage and maintain small drinking water systems in their own communities.

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