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The River Clyde pageant in PEI


On July 30 and 31, 2016, 300 people gathered on the banks for the River Clyde in New Glasgow, PEI to take part in an outdoor theatre performance that celebrated the river and the environmental issues that affect its sustainability.  The audience walked alongside stilt-walkers dressed as great blue herons and a giant trout puppet operated by 7 children, meeting a school of luminous jellyfish fashioned from transparent umbrellas, bridge-dwelling trolls, gossipy mermaids, a choir, an Acadian fisherman rowing a dory, and a Mi’kmaq drum group.  A large part of the pageant costs for the 2017 pageant were provided by local residents through a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over $11,000.  Backers received tickets to attend the pageant as well as other perks provided by local businesses.

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