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Unbuilders: A whole building deconstruction company


Almost 2 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste goes to landfill every year in Greater Vancouver from the thousands of homes that are demolished and replaced. A new company called Unbuilders is aiming to change that. They are the first and only company in Canada to deconstruct entire homes by hand to maximize the salvage value of the materials.

Better still, they have found a way to deconstruct single family homes for less than the cost of demolishing them. Here is how it works: Unbuilders deconstructs a home and the homeowner donates the salvaged materials to a registered charity. That charity issues a tax credit to the homeowner for the fair market of the salvage materials. The tax receipt reduces the total cost of deconstruction below what it would cost the homeowner to demolish it.

Not only does the deconstruction process eliminate a huge amount of waste but it also makes the neighbours happy because it completely avoids the bothersome noise and dust of the demolition process.

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Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 6th May 2018

wow, if they can “unbuild” for less than the cost of demolishing, there is no excuse for anyone to not go this route and for municipalities to require deconstruction. They have a great time-lapse video of the process on their website.