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Village au Pied-Du-Courant, Montreal, Quebec


Revitalizing an under-utilized urban space in Montreal.

This project has been on going since 2014, allowing this little piece of land to reinvent itself every summer.

Headed by a non-profit organisation, it allows for community fostering, cultural exchange, all while creating an interesting place for events on the water’s edge that is otherwise not accessible.

Space programming includes outside yoga sessions, firework watching, movie screenings, art exhibitions, games for kids, DJ & music events for the older crowds among many other activities. Multiple food stalls and trucks make their way to this area in the summer as well.

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David VS Wayblaze on 23rd Feb 2018

This is a fantastic inspiration, Ali! Thanks for sharing it. It would great if we could launch similar initiatives in all of Canada’s major cities
Ali Arzouni on 6th Mar 2018

Thank you David! It would indeed be a great idea. I believe City Studio Vancouver might be exploring something similar to that project, but it implies that unused urban spaces can be adapted to different functions, even if it is a temporary installation such as this example.