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The District of Lillooet is working with Modus Planning Design & Engagement to update Lillooet’s Official Community Plan. The process will provide several opportunities for the public, local businesses and other stakeholders to provide input, suggestions and feedback. Right now we are asking, “What are your ideas for the future of Lillooet?”get_started_button

The District of Lillooet is updating its Official Community Plan (OCP) to better meet the needs of our growing community. This document will capture the heart of our community and act as our roadmap for the future.

Lillooet’s current Official Community Plan was adopted in 2009, with the Regional Growth Strategy adopted in 2008 and updated in 2019. Since 2008, there have been significant changes in Lillooet’s context – in the current Official Community Plan, the Olympics are yet to occur, climate change is not mentioned, and nearby communities such as Whistler had yet to experience the growth pressures that exist today. It is within this evolving context that a new Official Community Plan is needed.

Exactly how the Lillooet vision will be expressed must emerge through a rich community dialogue during the Official Community Plan planning and engagement process, but we know it must address a range of integrated topics to guide the future sustainability of the District, including economic development, walkability, green infrastructure, housing, collaboration with St’at’imc communities, and other related topics.

An updated Official Community Plan will define this vision and ensure the development of clear goals, objectives and policies that can set the direction for Lillooet’s future and steer the community on a course that builds on its spectacular and rugged scenery, wildlife, and history and takes advantage of emerging opportunities. The update will address a range of challenges the community is facing, including:

  1. Health and prosperity of the local economy;
  2. Housing attainability and affordability;
  3. Long term resiliency and sustainability of the District and community;
  4. Location and form of development;
  5. Engagement and building relationships with St’at’imc communities;
  6. Climate adaptation and mitigation;
  7. Transportation, including walking, rolling, and cycling; and
  8. The post-COVID context.

The Official Community Plan update process will embrace a “made in Lillooet” approach and the Official Community Plan will emerge through rich community dialogue. The District of Lillooet is looking forward to robust public conversations with many opportunities for the community to provide input.

More information about the OCP update process can be found at: www.lillooet.ca/OCP

To take the full survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LillooetOCP

We want your ideas

The Lillooet OCP planning process will create an updated Vision, Goals and Policies to guide the future growth and development of Lillooet.

During this first “ideas gathering” stage, we are asking you, the residents, businesses and other stakeholders in Lillooet, to suggest “Ideas and Solutions” that may contribute to a vibrant, successful and people-friendly community. These ideas will be considered by the project team along with other forms of input gathered during the planning process.

So, how can you take part?
Add your ideas for the future of Lillooet in three simple steps…


Sign up – it’s quick and easy
Make sure your idea is associated with you! Sign up with your name, email and a password and you’ll be ready to go.


Add and edit your ideas
Add your idea where it says “My idea is to…” or right-click on the map and do the same. Once added you can edit your idea further.


Give it a boost!
Using the sharing tools provided, make your friends and neighbours aware and get their support for your idea.


Need a spark of Inspiration?

If you need some help coming up with ideas why not visit the
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