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Wave goodbye to plastic packaging and ingredients you can’t pronounce!

Nada is a package-free grocery store on a mission to connect people to just food – championing a community food system by linking buyers to suppliers and offering healthy, unpackaged products & services. 

What is food was just food again? Make way for the real stuff, from the kind of people you’d love to be friend with! 

Phone: 778-806-3783
Hours: Pick-up between 
4 – 7 pm daily

COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends, Shoppers, and Package-Free Superstars,

We have shifted our operations to an online only model, placing a pause on in-store shopping. We have thought long and hard, and for many reasons, we feel this is how we can best serve our community.

We have learned much over the past weeks, doing our best to continue serving our community and working towards our mission of a just food system that supports healthy people and a healthy planet. As our products are primarily available in bulk, we are under additional restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic. Until customers are able to once again use their own containers to shop, shifting to an online-only model is the best way for us to continue to serve you, support our suppliers, and take care of our team. We plan to welcome customers back into our space as soon as we can, but for now, will focus our efforts towards a new model until bring your own container (BYOC) and self-serve refills can resume.


Our pick-up hours are between 4 – 7 pm daily. Payments are processed online through our new website. Your order will be packed in upcycled cardboard boxes, ready to go upon arrival. We will continue to limit the number of customers in the store, and ask that all customers please wash their hands. Please note, orders cannot be modified once confirmed for pick up.

If you cannot come within the pick up hours, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.


Sometimes you just need a carton of eggs, a lemon, or a loaf of bread. We understand. That’s why we’re offering the Express Grab service, for 5 items or less. Between the hours of 12  7 pm, you may call the store (778-806-3783) to order a maximum of 5 items. Express Grab has no order minimum.


Why are you going online now when other establishments are starting to open up?

  • Nada is a very unique operation – since our products are primarily in bulk, we have extra requirements and measures in place to help prevent the spread of COV-19. We’re continuing to follow the guidelines of the BC CDC, which currently do not allow customers to use their own containers. Currently, this means that we are filling orders one at a time, while our customers wait. We know that this is not ideal, so we’ve found a new solution! While some stores may be looking to re-open, we are not able to provide the experience and service we would like by staying open to customers due to these restrictions. To make your experience quicker and easier, we are therefore pausing all in-store shopping, and directing all customers to order online.

Why didn’t you close before?

  • Staying open for shopping so far has allowed us to continue to support our mission, our local suppliers, and our local economy. It has allowed us to continue diverting waste, at a time where waste and packaging are most challenging. And, thanks to our team, staying open helped us to learn, adapt, and plan for the months ahead. In-store shopping is proving to be inefficient, and now that we are ready to process online orders, it’s time to adapt again.

Can I come into the store just to pick up a couple items?

  • No, we’re sorry, but we cannot facilitate in-store shopping at this time. We hope to accommodate people in our space again soon. If you give us a call beforehand, we can have your Express Grab order ready for pick-up on daily between 12-7 pm.

How will deposit charges & returns work?

  • Our deposit system for bottles and jars will continue to function as normal. Deposit fees are always completely refundable, and deposits may be returned between our pick-up hours of 4 pm – 7 pm. We recommend returning deposits when picking up your next order!

Thank you to everyone for continuing to support us. And a huge thank you to everyone on our team, for helping us adapt and learn. Planning for the future is proving to be a wild ride, but we’re so excited to be able to offer pick-up & delivery to more of you very soon!

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