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Nutrileaves | Fresh microgreens grown and sold locally

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Superfood, Superfresh!

Nutrileaves is a local sustainable food producer, based in Wokingham, growing healthy organic microgreens that are packed with nutrients and full of flavour. We harvest and deliver, within 24 hours, to local residents, restaurants, cafes and food stores in the Wokingham area – minimising food miles and maximising freshness!

Where does Nutrileaves deliver?
We believe that food, grown local and sold local, is not only fresher, tastier and more nutritious but is also better for the local economy and the environment.

Local deliveries, carbon-free!
We deliver for free, by bicycle, to local residents, restaurants, cafes and food stores within 3 miles of our urban farm. Check the map to see our delivery area.

Other deliveries or pick-up
If you are outside our delivery area you can still place an order but the delivery may incur an additional delivery charge and will not be carbon-free. Alternatively you can arrange to pick-up your microgreens directly from our urban farm.

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