Meet the Wayblaze team

We’re passionate about the power of community crowdfunding to dramatically
increase the implementation of local projects and enhance community engagement.


Robert Barrs

Director, Urban Planning

Rob is an Urban Planner and Community Engagement Specialist, who has been creating community plans and designing new neighbourhoods for almost 21 years.



James Barrs

Director, Creative & Product

James is a digital creative and technology pioneer, who successfully grew and sold a scalable advertising technology business to Google. He has over 21 years experience working in the digital sector.



David Van Seters

Director, Finance

David is a sustainable business entrepreneur who has launched or led six social mission businesses and who has been working on collaborative business models like this one for 25 years.


We have combined our skills in urban planning, digital tech, and business to create this new platform and help create great communities in which to live, work and play.