admin by Jen Leach | 9 Sep 2020
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Attract a quality destination hotel or lodge

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Ed Nichol on 12th Sep 2020

I understand that a few years ago a private study did look at the economics. The land and investment dollars were there but Lillooet is severely lacking in activities and entertainment. We forget that most of the area is limited by geography or private and industrial land. I’m with Kim in that we need a clear set of regs for Botique hotels. Four to six rooms and food? Privacy and lot size for rural sites or Downtown locations?

Kim North on 11th Sep 2020

Why not locally develop small foot-print sustainable resort-type accommodations in a few key areas (mapping and planning) that are not your regular run-of-the-mill hotel chains and/or caravan parks. Be unique, be creative, and ensure it is locally developed and run.

Idea author Jen Leach on 9th Sep 2020

From Kandice F. “Lillooet neeeeds a destination resort in Lillooet, there’s so much European money that would stay longer in town. So many would come to Dina’s because it was the fanciest dining, drop loads of cash, complain about the low quality accommodations and plan to leave the next day instead of enjoy the town. Lillooet could really benefit from a person with vision for our town.”