admin by Barbara Watson | 30 Dec 2020

Better RV facilities for visitors and locals, attracting business. Especially a pump out station.

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Idea author Barbara Watson on 15th Jan 2021

It is not a matter of suggesting to offer for free, although available public sanitary options would greatly reduce illegal dumping. The sani-stations in the parks are coin-operated and this is fine. Pay to use would help to offset maintenance costs. Triangle RV is closed on evenings, holidays, and Sundays….just when people are returning from using their RV or on holidays (when we can again.) This makes the only place available at those times at Goldstream Park. The incentive then is to drive right by Sidney. Lost opportunities to spend money in Sidney. If you want people to behave properly, they must have available options. It is a necessary service, even on Sundays, evenings and holidays.

Idea author Barbara Watson on 30th Dec 2020

I do not have an RV now, but when we did, we found that there is a need for a public pump-out station in Sidney. Private parks often choose to restrict their facilities to their guests only. Other commercial possibilities are only accessible during business hours, often closed on holidays. The nearest public outlet is in Goldstream Park. RV travel traffic has exploded and self-contained visitors are good for business. It may be too much to ask for a new city RV park as a commercial facility? Mary Winspear’s limited accommodation is better than nothing and could be improved, but there is still a definite need for sanitation options. There is a huge market here. We are directly off of the ferry for shopping visitors. If they can stay near here, that brings more income to the town. Covid has increased the demand when stay-cations were permitted, but this market will continue to grow into the future. It was already needed. The local owners of RV’s would thank you also for the opportunity to empty their tanks near home, before taking them to storage.

Hi Barbara, thanks for your comment.  The Town did consider installing a sani dump previously, however ongoing management of the service and illegal dumping were raised as concerns. However, I understand that this service is provided at Triangle RV on Sidney’s west side for a fee.  A new RV resort in Sidney would certainly draw visitors, but unfortunately it would likely require more land than is available. This is perhaps something to contact the District of North Saanich about.