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Bike Share


Ottawa has a very good low tech bike share solution that we should query about expanding something similar here. 

Right Bike is a social business that provides jobs and training for individuals in the community who are working to overcome barriers to employment. We deliver a community-based bike share service in Ottawa, Canada.

Originally conceived by a business improvement association and grassroots environmental organization as a means to build community and reduce congestion in Ottawa West, the initiative was brought to Causeway Work Centre in 2011 to explore its potential for job creation and training. 

In partnership with local businesses and organizations, the bike share service has gone on to connect neighbourhoods across Ottawa with our ever-expanding fleet of signature purple bikes. Right Bike has also become a centre for training and employment in bicycle mechanics. We also partner with local agencies to promote bike safety.

Not sure if Victoria has something similar but Right Bike works with:

Cycle Salvation is a social enterprise operating under the umbrella of Causeway Work Centre. Our business strives to achieve a triple bottom line (profit, people, planet) by providing training and employment in the field of bike mechanics to people who are economically disadvantaged, while at the same time diverting bikes destined for scrap and landfill sites. Our employees refurbish donated bicycles using a multi-point inspection process. Bicycles range in price from $100 to $350. Please note that we do not offer repairs or tune-ups.

Cycle Salvation is co-located with re-Cycles, a volunteer-run non-profit community bike shop. re-Cycles sells refurbished bikes and parts, takes donations of the same, and provides a space where people can learn to repair bikes, either their own or donated bikes.

I found this place in Victoria.. not sure which others might also work as partners

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