admin by Brian Losie | 24 Jan 2021
Access to daily needs,Social Inclusion

Broaden the demographics


 With increased density comes demand for more services ie; daycare for young families and medical services for all, especially seniors. Promote multi discipline, cross functional clinics to alleviate doctor shortages

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Eric T on 24th Jan 2021

Or we could just relax many of the dumb zoning laws like setbacks, parking requirements, number of suites per unit, etc… There are lots of things we could be doing but so far choose not to.
Idea author Brian Losie on 24th Jan 2021

 GIven the high cost of real estate, we need to encourage more rental housing leveraging developer amenity funds as well as senior levels of government programs

Eric T on 28th Jan 2021

Or relax zoning rules directing rule changes at small developers like homeowners.   Your average homeowner doesn’t know how to access amenity funds or senior government programs. indeed, these are aimed specifically at larger developers.  Make things easy for individual property owners to do these things, and they will do them.  I would rather have 1000 homeowners renting suites on their properties than 10 large rental companies managing the same number of suites colluding on price.