admin by Christina James | 14 Jan 2021

Close off Beacon to traffic from 5th st to 1st st make it pedestrian only.

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Hi Christina, Did you know that the current Downtown Local Area Plan envisions Beacon Avenue as a “pedestrian priority street”?  So while not entirely closed to vehicles, it would be much more pedestrian focused if built out in that vision.  What about Beacon Avenue could be improved to make it more pedestrian friendly?  Many businesses rely on vehicle traffic for customers and deliveries; how could these needs be balanced with a better pedestrian environment?

Jamie Wellbourn on 3rd Feb 2021

I’m not a fan of the OP’s idea, only because it makes the town less accessible. Beacon is a fairly long street to walk down, and some people need to drive closer to their destination. The way it is now isn’t too bad but I think it could be improved with three-way stop signs at the intersections where Beacon is one-way. It feels unsafe trying to get across Beacon at 4th for example…not as bad compared to a two-way street, but it still feels like it could use something to slow vehicles down further.

Idea author Christina James on 14th Jan 2021

Perhaps have a shuttle from Mary Winspear to encourage parking and make Beacon more pedestrian friendly from 5th to 1st st?