admin by Richard FitzZaland | 1 Oct 2020
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Consider off site parking for visitors with electric shuttle buses to serve downtown businesses


Many cities in the world have limited non-resident access via private cars.  Instead, they have parking lots, frequently multistory underground facilities that do not spoil the aesthetics of the area that are then connected to the major tourist or shopping region via sidewalks and regular shuttle service.  The shuttle service could be elective or hybrid vehicles to help reduce pollution.  Done well and creatively, these shuttles could be an attraction all their own, and because they are step on/step off they also serve everyone moving around in the downtown core.  

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Gary Rainthorpe on 5th Dec 2020

I agree with the off site parking and Trolley to Town.   In that parking area there should be some parking spots that would be big enough to park RV’s.  The parking lot should be restricted to 24 hour parking.


This was not so much a suggestion to increase the parking inventory, as to provide an alternative to driving around downtown when visiting or shopping. I have seen it done different ways, but the most common in Europe is that you pay for parking and the shuttle service is provided. Along the way into and around the town, step on and step off is free. I cannot remember where, Madrid I think, and a couple other places, merchants give tokens that can then be used for the shuttle. Some places like Oslo and Amsterdam do not have a dedicated shuttle, they just have excellent public transit with parking available for a fee on the outskirts of town. We have also seen places where the shuttle was as much fun as the visit (New Orleans, a few small villages along the Rhine that had boat rides from parking into the village, etc.) These places were tourist destinations, but not unlike Sidney in their size and desirable locations.

Eric T on 8th Oct 2020

Richard, with all due respect, this is a terrible idea. As Corey already asked, who is going to pay for something like the parking garage?? The town of Sidney already has SO MUCH PARKING. What is great about your idea is the shuttle idea. Sidney needs more frequent transit connecting the different parts of it. Read about how publicly supplied parking negatively affects the towns fiscal situation as well as property owners situations in the Parking in your town series found here:

Richard, the idea of a shuttle in Sidney’s downtown has been discussed over the years as a way of getting people out of their cars and reducing the demand for parking. It could also connect the workers across the highway on the west side who may want to come to downtown without driving there. Who generally covers the cost of these shuttles in other jurisdictions? Are they funded by parking fees? Or something else?