admin by Pikiora Wylie | 13 Feb 2018
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Consolidate information


There is an enormous amount of local knowledge around walkways, natural scenery, access to points of interest etc.. that is not easily available to visitors.  Locally known names for places are not on any map a visitor has access to so are essentially invisible.  The Terrace brochure is great but is missing information such as parking locations and those local terms.  

Easily accessible information that highlights special sites to see,  walks to do or places to visit make Terrace a place people want to stop.  Increasing the profile of Terrace and highlighting the spectacular scenery unique to Terrace opens up all sorts of opportunities. As well as generating revenue for locals. 

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EDWARD PORTER on 21st Feb 2018

this is a great idea… would you be able to provide a “mark-up” of the Terrace brochure to help inform our current effort/planning process?

Idea author Pikiora Wylie on 24th Feb 2018

Sure, Here’s one and here’s another guide I have been using with a nice map in the middle and some info about the surrounding areas.