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Create a community forest to build natural capital

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The idea is to raise a significant sum of money to purchase a plot of private, forested land and then manage it as a community forest.  The forest could be managed for timber production, agroforestry, recreation and/or watershed protection, creating meaningful jobs and protecting the forest from being clearcut for development. This project could be run under the new equity crowdfunding exemption, which allows proponents to raise up to $500,000, in two separate tranches, from unaccredited investors so long as each investor contributes no more than $1500.  This kind of project would ideally be set up as a loan where the funders receive a certain amount of interest over a 3 -5 year period until they are fully repaid.

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Shannon Leigh on 26th Oct 2017

There are pieces of land where people pay to plant a tree - – you could have some aspects remain as treed land for recreation and then parts of it for logging. The land devoted to logging can be managed – Sweden’s history is a great reference for the success of this approach ( There was a small group of people in Alberta lobbying the Edmonton municipal government to lease crown land to them to grow fruits and vegetables (including small lots in urban areas) that could be donated to food banks and sold at farmer’s markets to raise funds to pay labour to train people in agriculture so they could get off the streets or off welfare.