admin by Lisa Severn | 27 Jun 2017
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Create a community garden at Emerald Park (a small green house would be nice).


Like many neighbours, we have limited sunlight here in Emerald. However… Emerald Park gets plenty of sunlight! I love the idea of having a greenhouse like other neighbourhoods in Whistler. It would be great to have a hoop style greenhouse that could start out small with length being added over time. Perhaps, residents could donate trowels, hoses etc. And the main portion of the money would be invested in the structure and fencing to mitigate animal interactions.

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Lorna Hill on 27th Jun 2017

Sounds like a promising idea, as it is indeed pretty difficult to grow food on most of the lots here. How do you envision it being run ? Would the aim be to give say groups of children a chance to learn about growing food together? Or would it be set up so individuals would have their own little space, like an allotment?

Idea author Lisa Severn on 27th Jun 2017

Maybe, we could have a little bit of everything. A few plots for allotment (maybe first come first served or by lottery). A gardening club could take on a few plots, with the potential for running how-to-garden sessions (for kids or adults), assisting other plots with their growing potential and managing a seed library.