admin by Mary Ann Collishaw | 16 May 2017
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Create a Garbage, Recycling and Composting area for Alta Vista


Could Alta Vista become a pilot neighbourhood for the RMOW to implement some garbage pick up (from a designated bear-safe building)? Or could we create a partnership with one of the Stratas who already have a garbage room?

Many Whistler residents do not have access to a car, and the buses and taxis won’t allow the transportation of garbage in their vehicles. Disposing of or storing garbage improperly is a huge hindrance to our bear and wildlife communities

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Dan Wilson on 16th May 2017

Neat idea. I think the RMOW is going to implement a pilot somewhere. The partnership approach is interesting. Is this doable for $500? I wonder if the $500 could fund a communication campaign and the creation of a ‘Alta Vista Waste Train’ where people without car access post a request for somewhere for waste pick up?