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Create a huge water slide on a sloping downtown street


Who says community projects can’t be just plain fun? This project idea is to copy a successful crowdfunding project in the UK where a downtown street was converted into a huge water slide. This project will need the approval of your local municipal government to close a particular street and will likely cost about $10,000, which includes money for materials, street safety, and insurance.

As a alternative to developing the slide on your own, you could simply partner with Slide the Side, an organization in Florida that already has all the slides and logistics worked out:

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Vaalea Darkke
Vaalea Darkke on 29th Sep 2016

Could we not just organize to bring to Victoria? They were trying to bring it to Ottawa. There is a Canadian one.. … they charge to cover costs.
Is this the one you were talking about? “Of the nearly 100,000 people who entered a lottery for a ticket to ride down the slide, only 360 won”