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Create a repair cafe in Sechelt


This idea is to create a “Repair Cafe” where community members can come an enjoy the same kinds of beverages and food that you would find at a normal cafe except AND bring a household item that they would like to repair.  The Repair Cafe concept was started in 2009 by a Dutch woman named Martine Postma.  There are now over 11 Repair Cafes operating around the world, the closest of which is Nanaimo!    A Repair Cafe improves the community by giving people the chance to help each other AND reduce waste at the same.

For about $75 CAN, you can order a guide at the following link that tells you how you can set up your repair cafe:  Once you have found a location and determined your start up costs, you can raise money from future customers by allowing them to buy a credit for future purchases in the cafe.  For example, if they donated $100, they could get $115 worth of coffee, tea, juice and other foods in the cafe. 

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