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Create an underwater reef from a sunken boat


Our coral reefs are under many stresses from a wide range of sources including climate change and ocean pollution.  One strategy to re-build coral reefs is to sink boats in relatively shallow waters, creating new surfaces for coral to attach themselves.  Sunken boats can also become tourist draws as they attract scuba divers, especially if they have been creatively modified such as the example above where a group of artists added a wire mesh octopus to a decommissioned ship that was then sunk in the British Virgin Islands.  The octopus makes for a very fun scuba diving experience while also creating even more surfaces to which the coral can attach themselves.

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Nelson Jatel on 7th Nov 2017

An underwater orchard of fruit tree sculptures would be an amazing, and unique, Okanagan water park! And provide great habitat for freshwater aquatic life.
Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 7th Nov 2017

Love this idea Nelson, would be a great fit for the Okanagan
Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 25th Oct 2017

Wow, amazing octopus sculpture. This would be fun to dive with.