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Any new seniors facilities that are being built we should automatically advocate for dual use to prevent isolation and promote inter-generational support/learning.

Also for dementia facilities:

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Vaalea Darkke
Idea author Vaalea Darkke on 19th Oct 2016

Event on October 26th 2016:
“We will be launching a guide about the innovation of senior cohousing and how it can meet the housing and care needs of many in the region, and across Canada.”
Team Wayblaze on 3rd Oct 2016

This is an inspiring idea. If a suitable seniors residents could be identified in the Capital Regional District with space for a daycare, funds could be raised to outfit the vacant space for this purpose.

Vaalea Darkke
Idea author Vaalea Darkke on 11th Oct 2016

They are in the middle of building a new one? but I doubt that making it multi-use was a consideration. The location of the new one is at the marker I put down.