admin by Les Lee | 16 Feb 2021

Delay the OCP until we have time to have proper public consultations in person


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Idea author Les Lee on 28th Feb 2021

Every one of my comments has been discounted in this forum. Exactly my comment 100 people in a town of 20k is very little participation. And comments that don’t agree with the towns agenda are discouraged actively by people associated with the Town. Do you actually want public input or is this merely an exercise to say you have a few peoples input. So many people who live here are unhappy with the direction Sidney has taken in the past few years.  Yet it seems the agenda is simplyto densify. The hottest topic I can see is backyard chickens. Have some real vision here and think sustainable community.
Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 18th Feb 2021
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Idea author Les Lee on 16th Feb 2021

The OCP consultation via this medium is very limited in scope and does not allow for exchange of ideas or good conversation.  There will be limited participation and it is not valid to base a plan on a very small number of people who have taken the time for input.  In a town of 20K I would expect that proper consultation would be thousands of people, not 10s or 100s to be valid.

Hi Les,Sidney is only about 12,000 residents currently. We expect (and have had already) participation in the 100’s. Having “thousands” participate would be great, but is not typical, even in communities double our size. Our consultant Modus has established some targets for community feedback (based on typical levels of response for projects like this) and so far we are meeting or exceeding them.We did hold an in-person open house in September last year and had about 100 people attend. Another 100 attended the online version of the open house. We do hope that the current restrictions are temporary and if possible will hold in-person events later in the project. Many people have emailed me to let me know they are comfortable with online engagement, and going forward we will take a hybrid approach if possible, giving people the option to attend in person or virtually.This forum is designed to allow for conversation on a variety of topics, and there will be other opportunities to discuss ideas and issues with members of the community coming up. Keep an eye on for more information.Corey