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Designate the month of May as “Bicycle Safety and Awareness Month”


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Idea author Adam Kanczula on 23rd Mar 2021

Designate the month of May as “Bicycle Safety and Awareness Month.” This would have to be in cooperation with the local RCMP detachment. The idea is not just to try to enforce rules and fine riders but to educate riders that riding on sidewalks (especially in Sidney) is a dangerous practice. As is riding with out a helmet; riding without lights when required; being visible and realising that the rules of the road apply to cyclists as well as motor vehicles. Council should work up the months of May to try and designate logical bike routes that would help alleviate some of the confusion that exists in Sidney and leaves some cyclists without a seemingly good option other than the sidewalk where pedestrians are put at risk. Designating Resthaven Drive (from Beacon to Malaview) as a bike route makes no sense to a cyclist, most through cyclists use Fifth Street as logical and safe entrance (from Lochside Drive) and exit from Sidney. But there are many other issues to consider if bicycle safety is to be taken seriously and a bicycle safety month each year would be a good start.