admin by Doug Woollard | 18 Feb 2021
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Develop a plan to remove vehicle traffic from downtown Sidney starting with a portion of Beacon Ave

With the densification of downtown Sidney now is the time to move to making it less vehicle oriented. All the new condo buildings will bring hundreds of cars into the downtown. Travel routes need to be developed so when condo owners drive, Beacon is not their main thoroughfare. I am hopeful many will walk to most things as many do now. I would propose starting with closing off a section of Beacon from 5th west to the water.  Create spots for people with disabilities close to Beacon on each side street.   

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Eric T on 19th Feb 2021

You raise some very good points.  Our focus on the car as a force that must be accommodated is misguided.  At least for the hundreds of people that are moving to Sidney as it densifies.  Certainly ways exist to make Sidney less car oriented, For example, we could be doing a better job of managing parking. Currently the price for parking is too low ( free) and this is proven by the lack of parking at peak demand times. So how about managing parking through pricing it. Another way is to remove parking such as by selling some of the publicly owned lots- not all, but some. The proceeds of the sale of these lots should be used to provide better bus service around the peninsula and into Victoria.  Other means of making Sidney less car oriented would be to make it more bicycle friendly. This can be done by making a series of streets priority bicycle lanes.  These streets should be narrowed and have more trees planted.  There is lots more that can be done.