admin by Danielle Berube | 20 Nov 2017
Education & Learning,Local Food

Empower families by teaching them how to utilize the space they have to grow food sustainably.


As a social worker, my dream is to work with families to teach them the benefits and methods of producing and engaging in healthy and sustainable food choices. I’d like to get funding in order to provide the materials and labour costs associated with implementing at-home food cultivation practices, including service provisions.
Ideally, I’d like to organize a program that empowers families by teaching the whole family on how they can work together to create a meaningful and positive change in their lives, and create a garden which they can continue to service and sustain themselves. In recognizing the importance of closing economic gaps, I’d like to provide this service at the lowest cost possible for families who are in greater financial need. I’d also like to provide this service to any families that are willing to afford a “front yard farm” as well, in lieu of a traditional landscaping service. Dedication to sustainable practices and empowerment would be the foundation of this service.

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