admin by Richard FitzZaland | 26 Sep 2020
Access to daily needs,Access to nature

Enhance and create more beach accesses for people with disabilities, including people in wheelchairs

We have very few places where a person in a wheelchair can get close to the beach to enjoy the scenery and wild life.  They can stroll along the sea walk, but where others are able to walk down steps to the beach, this privilege is not available to persons in wheelchairs and motor chairs.  There is one spot where Fifth Street ends at Roberts Bay that is a nice spot to watch birds.  But none other that I am aware of.  A graded path, possible a board walk, could be added in many areas and end in a platform below the high tide mark and in some places it would be feasible to have this platform include a ramp onto the beach.  This really just takes political will and it would significantly enhance the recreational and health opportunities of people with mobility challenges.   Many years ago Sidney received recognition for its accessibility.   But we seem to have forgotten that direction the past 10 years, allowing buildings with narrow sidewalks, coving that looks good but does not work, and many public spaces only accessible by stairs or uneven ground.

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